Get Toll Free Number (1800) in Just 2 Minutes

Purchase an 1800 toll free number for your business today. Simplify it for your clients to interface with you and give your business the validity it merits.


Toll Free Number can extend your business

Toll free number is a telephone number on which you customers and clients can call you for free. Anywhere. Anytime.

  • Toll free number provides a convenient way to handle customer calls.
  • Advertisements with a toll free number get more attention.
  • Toll free number adds caring brand image to your business.
  • Customers prefer to call businesses with a toll free number.
  • With an IVR menu, toll free number can work as a virtual receptionist too.

With Phonixz, you can guarantee your 1800 Toll free number in under 2 minutes. For a demo account, you can join on the web and call at 7665485888.


How to get a toll free number?

You can get a Toll Free number from on the web. To purchase a Toll Free number, you can call Phonixz client line on 7665485888 and associate with one of our chiefs. They will help you select an 1800 number of your choice and will book it for you.

  • Call Phonixz helpline on +91 7665485888.

    When you call Phonixz, You can address a Toll Free Number expert who will disclose to you the accessible Toll Free plans and will help you select the best arrangement for your business.

  • Select an 1800 toll free number.

    Our management will give you different 1800 Toll free numbers Provide. You can pick a toll free number as you like. Prior to getting, you can likewise book a free 3-day demo.

  • Complete KYC to activate your toll free number.

    Submit required KYC reports online to enact your Toll Free number. When KYC is finished, your 1800 number is allocated to you. The entire cycle can be finished online shortly.

Benefits of Toll free number

24*7 customer listening

With a Toll Free number, your business stays up 24 hours. Toll Free number provided by Phonixz accompanies a coordinated IVR facility. That implies your clients can approach your Toll Free number and get help directly on their telephone. Notwithstanding the time, your clients can dial your Toll free number and get ongoing help. During business hours, every one of the guests can associate with your help chiefs. After business hours, clients can leave a voice message. Your group can circle back to client messages through the live board. With Toll Free Number and IVR combo, you can tune in to your clients 24*7. It causes clients to feel heard and esteemed.


Not Tring-Tring. Welcome greetings!

Hello, and welcome to [Your Brand Name]. Thanks for calling. Your call is important to us. We are connecting you to our care executive.”

You With a Toll Free number, can welcome every one of your clients with an invite message. With good tidings, you can make them feel influential and respected.

Grow your employees' productivity

Phonixz coordinates Toll Free number with brilliant Interactive Voice Response (IVR). IVR can course approaching approaches a Toll Free number to the ideal individual in the appropriate department. Your staff individuals don’t have to waste their time steering calls to the concerned faculty. Toll Free number's speedy IVR menu well accepts care of that position. Toll Free number can likewise be coordinated with your CRM programming in a couple of snaps. For each guest, your help chief can get guest subtleties on-screen. No shuffling through client records! Mix of Toll Free number with IVR and CRM can save hours of your workers' time. No excess work mean a lift in resolve and occupation fulfilment as well.


More 40% sale with toll free number

If you want to Good marketing for your business, then you need a toll free number. Speculating Why? Well, research suggests that advertisements with a toll free number bring about 40% more Sell than ads without a toll free number. Would you like to lose those 40% more clients? Unquestionably not. Toll free number is an unbelievable marketing tool. Be it any promoting effort, a Toll free number can add worth and help to produce more leads. Individuals give greater believability to organizations that have a Toll free number. Clients partner the items and administrations with better quality if a business utilizes a Toll free number for advertising.

Considerate brand image. Better customer retention

Do you know why clients switch brands? Indeed, horrendous client care and nonattendance of ideal help snatch two of the best positions! With a Toll Free Number, you can guarantee nonstop client assistance. That is the reason clients respect business with a cost number as really mindful. Toll Free number reflects responsibility for better client assistance. Toll Free number is additionally significant and extraordinary to your image. It can expand brand review and create about 30%-70% more inbound leads.

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